That mindset has helped me pursue amazing projects and career opportunities that have been truly rewarding on a personal and spiritual level. Conformity is boring, and my whole life I have done my best to not be influenced by others. That’s because my life experience is where I get my creativity from.

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I am an American International Actress, a model, a host, and the former World’s Perfect Miss. I have made television appearances on major networks like CBS, ABC, Lifetime, Univision, Multimedios, Venevision, and E! Entertainment. Being involved in the entertainment industry for over a decade on various platforms has been both challenging and rewarding.

Currently, if I’m not on set, I’m creating content as a writer and producer. I am also producing my first film, a feature documentary in honor of my father that will tell many different stories, from triumphing over disabilities to the progress being made with scientific research. I also spend a lot of my time traveling the country as a presenter for different products and brands. My diverse skill set as an entertainer has allowed me to connect with consumers in an authentic way as a product specialist and host.

Even though you can imagine that all of my hours in the day are pretty much used up, I still find time to work on my fitness coaching business, Kitbody. I established Kitbody in 2015 to coach people into living a healthier lifestyle. Starting that business also provided me with the opportunity to become the resident nutritionist on the RichardListens radio show in July of 2017.

After one year, RichardListens asked me to become a full-time co-host. Every other week, we interview high-performers about their amazing journeys. It’s something that I find truly invigorating and rewarding.

Advocating for the Cancer and SCI communities has become an important part of me due to my own personal family experiences. My efforts to spread awareness about important issues are inspired by my own father. He became a quadriplegic after suffering a heartbreaking spinal cord injury before I was born.

In 1979, my father was swimming at Plum Island, Massachusetts, which is not far from where I grew up. While he was swimming, a sudden strong undertow pulled him beneath the surface and caused him to hit his head on the ocean floor. The impact broke his upper spine and rendered him a C5-C6 complete quadriplegic.

My mother, who has shown me strength in so many different forms, pulled him out of the water with the assistance of my grandfather. She stayed by his side from that day forward and became his full-time caregiver until the day he died. Around the age of 5 is when I began to learn how to become a caregiver for my father. This experience instilled many skills and life lessons that other children never encounter. That difficult and trying time in my life shaped me into the woman that I am today.

My father was a strong and courageous man despite the many adversities he faced. I was overwhelmed with joy when I learned that I was a shining light in what was a difficult and challenging life for him. He was a man that led by example by always personifying kindness, strength, and perseverance. That day when he was injured and confined to a chair for the rest of this life, he could’ve simply given up, but he didn’t. The choice my parents made to have me was a miracle, and I believe that is why I am blessed with the purpose to continue nurturing my father’s spirit through my efforts in creating a nonprofit in his honor.



When I was 14, my father was diagnosed with bladder and intestinal cancer. This was only one year after my grandfather passed away after a tough battle with stomach cancer. I watched cancer quickly take my father’s life before my young eyes. The hardest moments were during his chemotherapy treatments, where at times he couldn’t even recognize who I was. If that wasn’t hard enough to cope with, spending his last moments with him was even harder. Those final moments helped make me who I am.

My father’s longest struggle was with quadriplegia. I keep his spirit alive by vowing to never stop my efforts in supporting the spinal cord injury community. After my grandfather and father both passed away, my family faced another adversity. I lost the last father figure in my life, my uncle, to cancer.

I encountered so many struggles and losses before the age of 16 that have helped shape my values and my unique perspective on the world. Grief and sorrow seemed to follow me for many years as I tried to process all of the loss that I have encountered. Fortunately, I was able to surround myself with the right people to help me through this tough chapter in my life.

In the early ’90s, I remember having a conversation with my father about what email address I should choose for the all-new America Online (AOL). He had always called me “Kit”, and before I knew it we had come up with the username KitCaitOne. I realize now, looking back 20 years later, that at that moment, my father, my strength, and my inspiration, had planted a seed that I have been nurturing and growing ever since. That’s how KitCait and KitBody were born.

In 2012, I established the Boston Chapter of the Buoniconti Fund to Cure Paralysis, where I presided as Volunteer Regional Director. I am a proud National Spinal Cord Injury Association peer mentor and have also volunteered numerous hours with the American Cancer Society.

For years I’ve been focusing on establishing a nonprofit that will improve the lives of those affected by SCI. It is my mission to make a lasting positive impact on the lives of others by sharing my personal story. I am continually striving to raise awareness and funds for this community by gaining and addressing new audiences. If you are reading this and want to get involved, please contact me! For more information on my film and how to support this project, please visit We are only at the beginning of what we know will be an amazing, exciting, and challenging journey to make this film. We expect this project to take us anywhere from 18 months to two years to complete. Every little bit helps!

When I am not working or helping others, I am either on set or at the studio. I travel the world hosting live events, red carpets, and radio shows. I manage my acting and modeling career in many different markets, aiming to inspire others along the way. I hope that my blog, social media accounts, product reviews, and experiences can inspire, educate, and inform you about something you are personally looking to achieve.