Take Care

I read something recently that said, “make yourself able to be there for others by being good to yourself.”

Due to the demands of my schedule over the last few months, I’ve realized that I’ve really neglected taking care of myself. I’ve actually been confined to my home for the past 4 days completely under the weather.

Reading that quote reminded me that I’ve completely forgotten about me, and if I’m not my best self, I can’t give my best self to others. I’ve neglected to prioritize my exercise and nutrition, spending time with friends, and doing what is best for me first and foremost.

To a certain degree, I can’t believe how I allowed certain work demands to take that much out of me.

It’s all about balance, right?

As a Libra, I’ve always spoken about balance, and I think of it as a good reminder for lots of things in life. There's that old saying “too much of anything is no good”. Finding a good work-life balance can be very challenging, and when we get off track, it’s absolutely crucial to prioritize what’s important to us.

Forbes even has a series of articles specifically about achieving a better work-life balance. It's been proven that a negative work-life balance affects your true happiness.

I decided to unplug from social media during these past few days at home so that I could read, write, and simply be still. One thing I always preach to people is that “you will always make time for what’s truly important to you.”

I can’t stand excuses for that exact reason, so yes, I had to check myself on this matter and get things back into balance. It’s true that life feels better when you are in a flow state. That means the simple things like meals, exercise, and recharging activities are part of a consistent schedule.

Today is the first day in almost two weeks where I feel about 75% back to good health. If we don’t have our health, we will not be living our best life. This post is a reminder to take time for you and what’s important in your life.

It’s not about being selfish at all! Think about this airplane safety metaphor for a minute. They always instruct you to put the safety mask on yourself first, before helping others. This was the simple aha moment I had reading those first words. It helped me redirect my energy back to the right places, creating a better balance. I hope this post reminds you of just how important you are and how crucial it is to have balance in all areas of your life.