My New Kicks

Every guest that we have on my podcast, Richard Listens, has impacted me in some way, shape, or form.

It’s a platform where we always bring on top performers and share their amazing stories with the world.

One recent guest that made a big impact on me was Eric Hinman. Make sure to follow him for some incredible fitness inspiration.

Eric is truly one of a kind. He has an infectious energy and is a charismatic, calm, and down to earth guy. I really connected with Eric’s story about how he came from door to door sales, taking on random jobs, and all around hustling to find lots of success. After interviewing Eric on the show and hearing his story, we spoke for a little while off air. That’s when he connected me with Lane Eight, a shoe company that is creating some of the most comfortable and innovative shoes I’ve ever worn.

I’ve decided to do product reviews because people and companies are always sending me awesome swag that I want to share with my readers. I’d also like to mention that Lane Eight didn’t hire me to promote these sneakers. They have only been in business since 2017 and are already making major waves in the footwear industry.

My best friend spoils me every year with the coolest kicks (he’s a sneakerhead), but these sneakers are really in a league of their own. The first time I tried them on, I couldn’t believe how easy it was. It’s like there’s a built-in shoehorn that helps you slip each sneaker on with ease. The way that the lacing is designed makes them feel like they are wrapping around your ankle and your foot, offering a very comfortable and secure fit.

I’ve never been defined by a specific sport, but I have always lived my life on the move! My love for sports and staying active has always been a part of me. What I love the most about these sneakers is that they work for me regardless of what activity I’m doing. I’ve worn a lot of different shoes and sneakers during the hundreds of shoots and competitions I’ve done throughout my career, but these just might be the most versatile and comfortable ones I’ve tried.

I was really inspired when I learned a little about Lane Eight’s founders, Josh and James Shorrock. These two brothers founded Lane Eight because they have a special love for sports and staying active. Josh and James were immersed in sneaker culture from a young age and worked for both Adidas and Hypebeast. Sports was a common language that they shared while living a mobile lifestyle (I so relate to this!). I love how their life culture is what created this brand. I always enjoy supporting people that have a unique and authentic passion for something that they’ve made come to life, as I aspire to do the same.

I was very excited to take Lane Eight’s Trainer AD 1 sneakers for a test drive at the gym after trying them on. From the seated leg press to the squat rack, the overall stability of this shoe was really great. When I was competing in powerlifting, I used Chuck Taylor sneakers and found the overall experience to be pretty good thanks to their flat-footed sole stability. However, the Chucks being extremely flat weren’t good for all types of physical activity. With the Trainer AD 1, I felt grounded in the same way whenever I was ready to do a heavy lift. They offered even more support and better footing than the Chucks and can also be used for other physical activities like cardio.

Lots of other shoes offer support, but often times there’s so much padding in the soles that it can be too much for pulling heavy weight. Lane Eight shoes provide the perfect balance of not too much cushion along with a great fit in the right areas. During my workout, I felt like the Trainer AD 1’s became a part of my body. Jogging with them was awesome as well because they gave me the support and stability I needed. The sole has plenty of padding for people with all different types of running styles. Some running shoes are a little too bouncy for me, and with a knee injury that’s no good. This shoe felt soft, but not too soft (I feel like a modern day shoe Goldie Locks over here). Just enough to soften the impact on my feet even more than when I am running barefoot. They really provide a natural feel.

This is not your typical, standard sneaker by any means. Lane Eight sneakers provide incredible comfort, thanks to their innovative design. They are sneakers made to adapt to your own unique brand of active. The Trainer AD 1 features EVA cushioning and an exceptional support system that really makes it feel like an extension of your foot. Not only are they adaptable for all active situations, but they also look great too! I was getting tons of compliments outside of the gym about their appearance. They’re more than just a training shoe because you can wear them anywhere.

To purchase your own pair of Lane Eight’s Trainer AD 1 sneakers, head over to their website. Each pair comes in at $140.00 USD and ships within 2-5 business days. Lane Eight also offers international shipping and free returns for up to 30 days from your original purchase. I even got them to provide me with a discount code so you guys can get in on these killer kicks too! Just enter KITCAIT10 at checkout to receive a 10% discount on your purchase. Happy training!