Finding Your True Happy Place

The positive is the side effect of handling the negative. Think about that for a second.

You’ll never be able to ignore the negative, it will always resurface in some way. Just like we can’t ignore that today is the last day of summer. But is that really a negative? And who is to decide this? It’s all relative. Maybe summer is negative to you and the winter is positive. 

In the summer, people are more easygoing and happy, not just because of the weather, but because of everything that summer is. 

Since I’ve moved to Southern California, experiencing the change in seasons is in the past. Growing up on the east coast my entire life, I didn’t realize how much this affected my mood, my state of mind, and how I spent my days. 

In New England, if it’s the dead of winter, it can be tough to make it outside of the house unless you are a person that loves the cold, which is not me! You are limited in what you can do, but on the contrary, you can’t go snowboarding in the summer and expect the same experience.

The change in seasons in New England is what pushed me to travel and figure out what makes me truly happy and where I want to be. I always felt like I didn’t belong there, but I didn’t know why.

The activities I love, the weather, and the things that make me feel good weren’t readily available year-round in New England, so I decided to make a change. 

I’ve finally found a forever home after 5 years of constant travel, stepping outside of my comfort zone, and discovering new places, cultures, and people. I’ve learned that home is not a place, it’s a feeling. That feeling needs to come from finding the right place, a place that gives you a true sense of belonging. 

During my travels, I had to go through a lot of negative experiences and discomfort to find my forever home. What I learned is that with the right mindset, you can change your whole environment and perspective. 

Identifying within yourself what you need at this time in your life is extremely important, just as important as understanding that at any time, you always have a choice to make a change. This is true for all areas of your life. It’s something that has taken me a long time to learn, especially when it came down to finding my true happy place.

You simply can’t put a price on experience. Even though I hate the cold and the end of summer, they both have brought me many incredible moments and experiences I wouldn’t trade for anything.

The quality of your life is not determined by the quality of your positive experiences. It’s determined by how you process, react, and deal with the negative ones. This lesson couldn’t have surfaced at a better time for me, unless I already knew it, of course.

Who you are is partly defined by the values you are willing to struggle for. To make that easier to understand, think about the people that are fit and live a healthy lifestyle. The people who love to struggle by pushing their own limits in the gym are the ones who look toned and fit. Being healthy is a choice, and you’ll always (even by default) make time for what’s important to you.

Our struggles are what help shape us, yet tears are not always well received. People don’t understand that there are times one may cry to simply keep going. Crying can be cleansing and therapeutic or simply what you need at that moment to feel better. 

As you begin to look at where you want to go in life, you must make a conscious effort to begin to work on developing and taking care of yourself first. 

Most of us are limited due to fear, which I’ve identified as a subtle yet destructive human trait. Fear has been a controlling force throughout my life. It is something that has affected me deeply as I have dealt with one life adversity after the next. I’ve learned that fear can be false evidence appearing real and that it is often produced as a result of trauma. 

Who else can relate to this? I think most of you can if you’re energetically connected like me. Think about the person you are today. That person is a result of your consciousness and your choices. We’re always growing, learning, and changing every day. 

Now you have to ask yourself, is this what you want? Most of us go through life running scared, but there is nothing to fear but fear itself. 

Listen to things and read things that empower you. Find an outlet and take the leap. Let any self-doubt and old excuses die. Unfollow social media accounts that make you feel bad about yourself.

Do you know how many people have had a vision or an idea they were about to pursue, but they allowed the word “no” to stop them? If you are reading this, I know this is not you. 

Most people regret the things they didn’t do or try. As we travel through life, the experiences we have make us who we are and challenge us to grow.

It is so important to take the time to find your true happy place. Regardless of whether it’s a frigid day in New England or a sunny labor day weekend, you can find beauty and joy in every day. 

Don’t forget that a negative can quickly become positive if you look at it the right way. There is beauty in everything as long as you are open to see it and experience it. 

I encourage you to go out and experience the best that life has to offer and what makes you truly feel alive, not just on a holiday weekend, but on every single day of your life. 

Some days you just have to make your own sunshine. No rain no flowers.