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You want a Fit Body? Get a KitBody!


KitBody is an Online and In-person habit-based coaching program. It’s all about creating customized and personal coaching for each individual.


KitBody Monthly Program - $199


KitBody 3 Month Program - $399

With KitBody, You Get:

  • Review of your intake forms prior to consultation time!

  • 30min Fitness Consultation phone call 1X week

  • Customized emails and habit checks

  • Customized fitness/lifestyle planning to fit your lifestyle

  • Responses to specific fitness/lifestyle questions

  • Regular Results Tracking

  • Unlimited communication & 24/7 support


Norman Lost 75lbs!

"I've battled being overweight all throughout high school and college and had reached a total weight of 260 pounds. My cholesterol level was out of control and so was my blood pressure. Diabetes' runs in my family, so I needed to make changes in my life. I asked Caitlin, to help me with a lifestyle overhaul. I started making changes with her guidance on January, 1st of 2012. Currently, I am still working with Caitlin and have lost a total of 75 pounds! My blood pressure and cholesterol have both drastically dropped, in addition to gaining a lot more energy with all the weight loss." - Norman


Meet Caitlin: Coach "KitCait"

 Kudos on taking the first step towards your best life! My name is Caitlin "KitCait", Owner of KitBody! I can’t wait to help guide you on your journey to a happier and healthier lifestyle!

As a certified PN nutritionist, with more than 15 years of experience, I am confident I can provide you with a customized system that doesn’t make you go crazy, or make you feel like you are on a “diet.” KitBody is not a diet, it is a lifestyle.

KitBody will help guide you to discover what’s right for you, in the context of YOUR own unique life. That’s why my program provides results that are effective and sustainable.

After joining, I will provide you with the tools you need to succeed with unlimited support via text/phone and weekly consultation phone calls.

Whether you decide to dine out with friends and need a quick answer on what to order on the menu via a text from your coach, or if you are bored with your workout routine and need some something new to motivate you, the support will be there!

This is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. You will make simple changes that will begin to take effect immediately and will last for life.
— Coach KitCait