SportPort Active

Published: October 2014 to current

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Position/Role: Model/National Spokesperson

Media: Lifestyle Photography, National T.V. Premieres

Agency: Self booked

Art Director: Griteye (

Photographer: Tom Hopkins

Hair/Makeup: Valerie Gengras

Stylist: Valerie Gengras


Description of the project:

I was introduced to Sportport in October of 2014 where I did my first project photoshoot. Those shots were later used for Sportports website and clothing tags. After the initial shoot several location shoots followed in CT, and then in LA. During those shoots my relationship developed with owner and founder Kim Highfield. At that time I was asked to come on as their national spokesperson. I took a lot of time to learn about the patents and quality of the products, tested them and even visited the manufacturing facilities in LA where I acted as a fit model. It was amazing to see the production line and then see myself on all the tags. A fit model is used to develop the sizing of a clothing line and provide feedback on the feel, wear and comfort of the garments before developed for consumers. I was a part of almost every aspect of the brand, from product development, social media influence, modeling for all their ad campaigns and then T.V. appearances on the Lifetime and E! Entertainment network.