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Volo Vitamins

Published: June 2015

Production Company: Gearmark Pictures

Position/Role: Lead: Runner

Media: Youtube

Agency: Self booked

Director: Chris Barkamn

Producer: Guy Iorio

Production Designer: Kevin Manning

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Hair/ Makeup: Self


Description of the project: 

Volo Vitamins goal was to develop the world’s best all natural, comprehensive vitamin and mineral supplement that would be easy and tasty enough so that everyone—including kids—could enjoy the benefits of better health and wellness. They'd just that. Working with Gearmark Picture was one of my favorite experiences in the commercial world. Their talent, creativity, professionalism and personalities made it an absolute pleasure. Not one second did it really feel like work, except when we were at the beach shooting the final scenes because although it looked like sunny, warm California, it was frigid and so windy I thought I may blow away! The Concept for the commercial was this:

Does this work!?

Can you keep up? Now you can with all-natural Volo Energy with no-sugar and only 5 calories. Just pour into your water bottle and go!

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